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Business Services

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  1. Operational Review
  2. Accounting Operating Procedures
  3. Business Process Improvement
  4. Project Management
  5. Controller Services
  6. Staffing Assistance


  1. Accounting Systems Improvements
  2. Business Process Improvements
  3. Tax Guidance and Planning
  4. Financial Institutions Negotiations
  5. CFO Advisory Services
  6. Develop Lean Business Plan
  7. Forecasting & Budgeting


  1. Annual Business Planning
  2. Conduct Advisory Board Meetings
  3. Profitability Analysis
  4. Business Valuations
  5. M & A Support
  6. Strategy Development

Tax Planning and Compliance

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Accounting firms typically take a historical approach to handling income taxes. In other words, they wait until late in the year and then tell you what happened.

We believe that excellence in providing income tax services centers on advanced planning. Waiting until January 1 is too late. With our advanced planning approach to income taxes, we can tell you where you need to go. We can minimize the effect of income taxes while achieving the best result possible.

Our tax professionals can provide you with specialized tax services such as:
  1. Corporate Tax Planning & Compliance
  2. Individual Tax Planning & Compliance
  3. IRS Dispute Resolution
  4. Sales & Use Taxes
  5. State & Local Taxes
  6. Payroll Tax Issues
  7. Cost Segregation Studies